Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weight Loss: The Flawed Science and Tipping Point

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I do not buy into calories.  I have been telling people this for a decade now.  It's not to say that calories are imagined, but the measurement of caloric energy has nothing to do with metabolism; unless there's a gnome in your belly lighting food on fire with matches.  Nutritionists, dietitians, and even some medical doctors have argued with me on this point saying calories must be true.  Their argument always comes down to: because that is what they learned from other credible people who learned it, so it must be true.  So when I ask, "who was the first person to invent the kilocalorie," not a single one of the nutritionists, dietitians,or medical doctors could answer me.  The calorie in-calorie out theory is a taught down science and never questioned.  Then there's me. I questioned it.  I argued with everyone I could and wrote papers to prove that this theory is flawed.  But scientists do not like to be questioned or discredited.

It just didn't make a lick of sense how lighting stuff on fire to boil water had anything to do with human insulin, cortisol, ATP, cellular metabolism, synthetic food, edema, mineral absorption, or anything else that biologists and chemists have learned over the past century.  Plus, only Westerners use this method.  If a person travels around the world, every other culture teaches how to eat for the seasons and their body type and how to stay healthy.  Not Westerners.

When I was in medical school, I realized just how much scientists hate to be questioned.  I was not allowed to do research that would discredit or change anything.  Then, as I did the research that I wasn't supposed to do research on, my research was guided, rather coerced, into directions that "made more sense."  I was quite flabbergasted with this. If my findings suggested that something was different than what was normal, I had to change my findings to coincide with normalcy.  That pissed me off!

But then I got it.  Scientists over the last century who have questioned normalcy have been laughed at, scorned, and even chastised.  There have been hundreds of occasions where someone has questioned something and even proven something outside of the accepted norm but have been hushed and squashed by the scientists who keep science normal. This isn't a conspiracy, however one can jump on that bandwagon.  It is just about enterprise and keeping the industries happy and wealthy.  

Let me give you an example.  The China Study is a famous study that happened to leak out two decades ago and consequently, the milk and dairy industry suffered as it was discovered that milk causes tumor growth and estrogen-sensitive organs to develop cancerous tumors.  Other similar studies around the globe also concluded the same findings.  Milk also was found in other cases to cause weight gain and encourage tumors to spread.  But the milk and dairy industry hates findings which impede their profit margin.  All big industries hate when people ruin their business.  In fact, they go crazy when this happens and that's when these huge industries become disloyal and very dishonest.  To save face in any circumstance, industries bribe their own "scientists" with a lot of money to counter the original findings of the independent (low budget) scientist, then threats are made to shut up the people destroying the industries' reputation; lastly, the big industries pay a lot of money to make the bad findings and bad people disappear. Alongside that, the industries push through bills which are enacted, like the ag-gag for example, to keep people naive about the wrongful practices. Name any large industry and this paragraph sums it up.

I too have been laughed at and scorned with my hypotheses and proposals.  I am not a big name, however, so the diet industry has not chastised or threatened me yet.  Is it about money?  Absolutely!  The diet and weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  If something were to drastically change how people think about weight loss, the industry would be in a panic.  If weight loss became easy and everyone became a healthy weight, the multi-billion dollar industry would suffer tremendously.   I'm not saying that my anti-belief in calories was directly related to the demise of the diet industry, I just know that the calories theory will be around as long as people buy weight loss food and buy into the belief that physical starvation and deprivation is the way to lose weight.

That is where I am going to tell you the secret.  It's easy to lose weight!  Absolutely it is quite easy.  But it is tough to get to that mentality.  In actuality, it is just a mentality. Most people with substantial fat deposits are mentally struggling with something in their life.  The fat is just a symptom of the mentality which makes losing it ridiculously hard to do.  A trauma or life experience impacts how your brain functions, then you have been bombarded with delicious processed food, and later you were told to limit calories because that is the standard practice.  The industry told you to switch to diet foods, take pills, eat soy and yogurt, avoid eggs and nuts, follow the food pyramid, eat a lot of bread, eat fish, don't consume artificial sweetener, exercise more, watch your calories, don't eat bread but egg whites and bacon are okay, don't eat fruit or vegetables, don't take the pill, drink your food, consume this zero calorie sweetener, take this pill instead, eat Twinkies, drink milk, vitamins make you fat, don't eat fish but eat pork, sprinkle this on your food, create a food diary to count calories, avoid our weight loss product today! 

See, money.

But my advice is free.  You don't need to buy into any diets or go crazy over starvation tactics.  First, find the emotional block you have.  It could be self esteem issues, a trauma, a loss, a negative moment you had as a teen.  Something is bothering you and you need to come to terms with it.  If you need to go see a rent-a-friend (therapist) then do that.  Or a faster way is to find the problem within yourself, write it down on paper and do an emotion burning ceremony where you safely burn the paper.  Do that every day for as long as you need to.  Next, clear out your food pantry and fridge.  Get everything out.  Throw out all the processed, artificial, and crap food.  Third, go shopping for food using these three rules: 1) it can decompose or rot if left outside, 2) it doesn't have an artificial color, sweetener, or weird ingredient added to it, 3) and it is minimally processed without a wrapper inside more wrappers.  Those are the three major rules I teach people when it comes to buying food.  The next step is to eat a lot.  Eat constantly and all the time.  "What?" you say. Yes, if the food you are eating is natural (nothing weird or gross put into it or onto it) then your body will think it is awesome and start to consume its own fat.  This is not something you will ever be taught or ever hear from the industries or scientist who are being paid by the industries because they will lose money.  Simply put, eating an apple with cinnamon and honey will help you lose fat while eating an apple pie from the grocery store will not.  Lastly, keep up the mentality.  Tell yourself you can be whomever you want to be and believe in yourself.  It is natural to fall back into your slump once people start to notice how great you look.  It is natural and I have seen it a lot.  Again, it is all mental.  The mind influences how the body looks and feels.  Once you realize how much, then you will be able to shed fat like it's going out of style.  You won't regret it either!