Thursday, April 9, 2015

Faster Weight Loss

If you have read any of my other articles, I described ways to effectively drop fat and keep it off using your body's natural ability to survive.  The body, as you can imagine, is a magnificent compilation of mechanisms (although I do not subscribe to the theory our body is a machine) made specifically to live.  If you don't believe me, walk through a VA hospital for awhile.  Your body, mind, and spirit are hardwired to live and push through some of the toughest circumstances the human mind can fathom.  I should know this first hand, I survived two back-to-back typhoons with my infant son; not that I get bragging points because survival was definitely not my forte and I made a lot of mistakes, but I digress.  I am going to let you in on a secret that will have you drop fat off at the door.
To get right down to it, let us start with the basics.  First, I want to re-iterate why I don't use calories in vs calories out.  Calories was a measurement invented in France in the 18th century to measure the efficacy of fossil fuels in combustible engines.  Anything that you can light on fire and measure how fast the flame heats up water has "calories."  To put that in perspective, toilet paper and rubber tires have calories, however it is impossible to subsist off of toilet paper and eating rubber tires would just be stupid. 
Now that you are on the same page, let's go through the functions of true metabolism from a biological standpoint.  When you eat a hamburger, your body digests the matter through a process known as catabolism.  This process breaks down the hamburger mush in the stomach (also known as chyme during the digestion process) and converts it into energy through a process known as cellular respiration.  It is a chemical process in which the body breaks down the hamburger chyme into its simplest nutrients which is then converted into adenosine triphosphate.  It gets even more complex than this but this is what you need to know:

Hamburger Chyme + Digestive Enzymes = Adenosine Triphosphate

Through a process known as cellular respiration in catabolic digestion.

Your body then takes the nutrients, via the amino acids, to make repairs, strengthen, and build parts of your body in a process known as anabolism.  This is a more complex process in which different molecules are used in different instances to form various body parts like organ and tissue structures, chemical messengers, receptors and new cells.  This is why it is important to eat better and take a good multivitamin from a trusted manufacturer (nothing from Wal-Mart, Target or GNC).

Nutrients + Amino Acids  = Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

Through a process known as anabolic digestion for cellular repair.

One of the cells your body loves to make is fat cells through a sub-process, known as lipogenesis, where glucose (derived from consuming starches and sugars) is oxidized and turned into adipose tissue using the hormone insulin and the enzyme malic dehydrogenase.  There are several different types of adipose tissue and the amounts of each depend on factors such as genetics, environmental, chemical exposure, age, and most importantly, diet.  One of the secrets is that the body stops making fat cells for survival at a certain set point, and the over abundance of glucose consumed is just "put away" like a hoarder "puts away" excessive junk in a storage unit.  You and I both know that a person doesn't need 495 items of the same thing: purses, dolls, shoes, clocks, keys, buttons, lamps, magnets, car parts, etc., but when hoarders run out of room in their house to store their items, they move their "collection" to other places like garages, sheds, and storage units.  Junk fat is the same way, the body knows it doesn't need the extra lipid cells but it uses them to store the excess lipids made from excess glucose.  What ends up happening is the glucose goes to waist and your body puts all that junk in your trunk.   Yes, the pun is intended there.

The body doesn't go to the excess lipid cells when it is wanting fuel.  It goes to the adenosine triphospate first using your last meal in catabolic digestion.  Then it might hesitantly revert to using the stored glycogen in readily available fat cells for energy.  This is a very complex process and requires a deep understanding in biochemistry to comprehend.  Thus, this is the biggest secret of all.  Your body uses visceral fat (fat surrounding the liver, heart, and deep muscle tissue) first.  The body doesn't even bother to use what it has in other storage areas until it is well into glycolysis (the chemical conversion of fat into energy).  Which means that your body must be fully depleted of the simplest forms of energy and well into the Krebs cycle (the cycle where the body is converting its proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into energy) before it starts the chemical conversion of the excess junk fat.    

How do you lose the excess fat faster?  Eat the nutrients your body needs and cut the rest.  It is important to remember that your body is very efficient at what it does.  Consuming the wrong foods is like going to garage sales and buying junk (not saying that buying what you need at garage sales is a bad thing, just hoarders should not satiate their habit/addiction via such means). Use natural ergogenics to ramp up the metabolism and burn the junk fat.  Use a combination of intense weight training and anaerobic exercise to get right down to the junk in the trunk.  Lastly, sleep longer and more soundly to encourage cellular repair; a red light put in the bedroom, a better mattress or topper, herbal teas and sound-scapes can help improve sleep.
It is also important to note that, although the scale can be used to monitor progress, the best way to measure fat loss is by either measuring waist circumference, skin fold caliper, or going fancy and getting a bioelectric impedence analysis done.  However, if you are burning the fat, your waist circumference will decrease.  If the numbers on the scale are decreasing but your pants are not any looser, then your muscles are atrophying (losing mass) which is a bad thing.  If you do not lose 1 - 2 inches per month, increase your weight lifting and core exercises and increase the amount of times you eat per day.         

In summary, here is the list of 10 secrets for faster fat loss and muscle tone:

1)   Multivitamin + Calcium from trusted source 
2)   Branched Chain Amino Acids
3)   Protein and raw vegetables 4-6 times per day
4)   Weightlifting and anaerobic exercise 30 minutes per day
5)   Creatine after workouts
6)   Conjugated Linoleic Acid before workouts
7)   Sleep 8 - 10 hours, eating no later than 3 hours before bed time
8)   Drink 64oz of liquids per day (herbal tea, coffee, and flavored water for variety)
9)   Eat fatty vegetables and proteins every day
10) Avoid grains, sugars, alcohols, fruits, and candies like the plague

You can do this!

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