Thursday, February 26, 2015

Naturally Remove Lice

It is amazing what the stigma is for a lice infestation, everyone treats the infested like a leper.  When I found lice in my son's hair, I was dismayed, baffled, and disgusted.  I treated him, well, like a leper!  First I called everyone who he had been in contact within the last week.  There were a few phone calls were I would have rather poked my eyeballs out with a fork, but letting others know was a responsible action on my part.  In some cases, the conversations were treated as though I was telling them he had transmitted an STD.  One mom called us dirty and spread the word around like wildfire.  But again, it was a responsible action.

So here is the natural, non toxic remedy for Lice.

Melaleuca alternifolia oil.

It is safe, effective, and that simple!

Here is what I did.

The moment I found lice in my son's hair, I had him hop in the shower and scrub his hair with natural Herbal Shampoo, the green one.  I then coated his hair with Melaleuca oil (T-36 C5) and combed it into his hair (contact me if you are wondering where to get it).  Melaleuca oil kills lice almost instantly so I sent him off to school.  I put a bit of T-36 C5 in a spray bottle with Sol-U-Guard disinfectant and sprayed down every surface in his room.  I washed his bedding, stuffed animals, and exposed clothing in hot water with Oxibrite, Sol-U-Guard and T-36 C5.  Next, I sprayed the furniture, curtains, carpets, and other surfaces throughout the house with the same mixture.  I then vacuumed every nook and cranny imaginable because those little scum bag bugs live in the most hidden places.

When my son returned home from school, I had him take a shower again.  He scrubbed his hair with the Herbal Shampoo and rinsed three times.  Without drying his hair, I combed through his long blonde locks, finding a couple of dead lice and a lot of nits.  I removed as many nits as I could and coated his hair with T-36 C5.  He went to bed on clean, temporary bedding on top of plastic lining (a blow up mattress would have also worked too).

The next day, we repeated the same process as the day before.  I found a cluster of lice feeding on a bit of scalp right above the ear, which ruined my appetite for a couple of hours!  I poured T-36 C5 all over them, killing them instantly and preventing infection of the open flesh.  Later in the day, the school nurse called me up and said the kids were teasing him because he had oily, "smelly" hair.  Kids could be so mean!  Well, my son spilled the beans and told her that he had lice, which was why his hair was oily.  The nurse, and her assistant, looked through his hair and couldn't find any lice, just found and removed a few nits.  Then she asked if he could wash his hair out with their shampoo.  Hesitantly, I said yes.  Although I am not a fan of shampoos which contain toxic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and petroleum fragrance.

This process was repeated for 5 days until all the signs of lice were gone. To be on the safe side, and to alleviate the risk of getting them back, I ordered the Original Herbal Shampoo (white one) and had him wash out his hair thoroughly with it daily and coat his hair with T-36 C5 mixed with the leave-in conditioner.  So far so good. 
The life cycle of the head louse is:
Nit (larvae):     7 to 10 days
Nymph:           7 to 10 days   (molts 3 times before adult)
Adult:              30+ days  (can lay up to 5 nits per day)

To be safe, continue coating hair with T-36 C5 and checking for nits for 10 days after first treatment.  A nit comb works well to remove nits from hair, but is not essential.  Always disinfect tools with Sol-U-Guard used for drying, combing and sorting hair.  

 A friend of mine couldn't believe I got rid of them in only 5 days, claiming it took weeks to get rid of the lice infestation at his house using prescription strength lice poison.  Another friend said her lice problem also lasted weeks and was difficult to treat.  I said this was our first lice infestation so I have nothing to compare it with, but it wasn't a huge problem like everyone makes it out to be.  The only logical explanation I can come up with is that T-36 C5 is more effective at removing and killing lice than the leading prescription medicine; but who am I to say such outrageous things?