Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is Your Fat in Prison?

Ever wonder why it is nearly impossible to lose those unwanted rolls of fat all around your body?  If so, then you might have a problem a million other Americans have: your fat is in prison.

The body uses very complex chemical signals to do one simple thing, survive.  That is all it is trying to do and you wouldn't be living if the body wasn't trying.  Plain and simple.  But it is doing too good of a job in today's society.  Hence the reason why you probably are reading this.  This explains why your body threw all those pesky, little fat globules in holding cells.  And to be fair, they didn't even get a fair trial.

As you consume fatty acids (fat globules such as triglycerides), your body must do something with them. They are not digestible in the intestine and have no where to really go, so instead, they wait to be dealt with by the chemical excreted by the pancreas called pancreatic lipase.  It is a protein which breaks down the fats into monoglycerides and gets them ready for transport.   Pancreatic lipase could be considered the cops in this scenario, shoving those monoglyceride delinquents into their squad cars and transporting them through the intestinal barrier.  The fat is then reunited (turning back into triglycerides) and given various sentences for their crimes.  Some travel into the blood stream, others are attached to organs like the liver, and some go directly to fat prison (adipocytes, or fat tissue). 

Fat prison can turn into a corrupt system.  Adiponectin, which is a hormone excreted by the fat tissue, tells the body where the fat goes and what the fat can do.  However, not only is adiponectin the fat regulator and the judge, but it also acts as the parole officer.  In skinny people, adiponectin is the good officer and looks out for his citizens; but in people with large amounts of adipose tissue, adiponectin becomes the corrupt cop. The production of adiponectine is influenced by genes and amount of adipose tissue.  Other factors may include diet, nutrition, stress level, exercise, and amount of sleep one has per night.  One way of calming adiponectin down is by taking a reliable multivitamin, one which doesn't oxidize yet is fully absorbed.  Doing some research and spending the money for a good brand can be the difference between losing weight and completely wasting your money.

One other chemical that becomes corrupt under poor diet and nutrition or inadequate sleep is adenosine.  Adinosine is the prison guard in fat prison.  This chemical prohibits the fat prisoners from escaping or even being paroled, even in times of emergency or deprivation crisis.  In fact, there have been cases where people have died of starvation with an abundance of adipose tissue still attached to their organs and tissues.  The chemical responsible for that is adinosine.  The only thing known to block adinosine is conjugated linoleic acid, which is found in red meet, sunflower seeds, linseed oil, mushrooms, dairy products, and egg yolks.  Other food sources to try are Access Bars manufactured by Melaleuca and safflower oil.

Leptin is another hormone which may become corrupt if too much adipose tissue is present.  Leptin is like the judge who tells the body that it doesn't have enough fat in fat prison.  When this happens, a person can crave high energy-dense foods, such as decadent desserts, sauces, and generic junk food.  The fat is then directed immediately to prison, without passing go, and does not get to collect $200.   Leptin can be tricked, however, when the body is getting good nutrition from healthy food sources and a reliable multivitamin, and when a lot of good fats are consumed.  Supplements such as Omega-3's, 6's, 7's, and 9's are all great deterrents.  Nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, and herbs that contain high amounts of fats, polyphenols, and ketones which all suppress leptin's desire to throw more fat criminals in fat prison.

By incorporating more of these foods and supplements into the diet, the body can adjust accordingly.  It is important to replace bad fats with good fats and to fuel the body with nutritious foods.  Be careful of which kind of ergogenics (weight loss or sports supplements) are consumed; also choose a reputable, 25-year-old+ company for any weight loss supplements you may choose.  Only take or consume products which have been backed by independent clinical trials, and always consult your physician or physical trainer before starting such a regimen.  With adding conjugated linoleic acid and omega fatty acids, the body is allowed to release and burn its fat stores.  In fact, this process becomes easier and quicker than once imagined.                     

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