Friday, April 6, 2012

Cleaner Products Protect Children

When it comes to cleaning our homes, we look for safe and effective products that will clean surfaces and kill harmful viruses or bacteria.  But many consumers are tricked into purchasing products which are not safe. In fact, many cleaning products sold to millions of households across America contain harmful ingredients which cause very dangerous ailments when inhaled, ingested, or even  absorbed through the dermis.  The trickery continues when we are convinced that we need to use the dangerous products around our children and pets, only to cause irreversible damage.  Unfortunately, every 30 seconds, another child is poisoned by household cleaning products, and 70% of which are children under age 6.  The reality of it is, many of these young children do not survive; those who do are left permanently damaged.

If you have not seen this short film yet, I ask that you take a moment:
Part 1:  
Part 2:

The solution comes in several parts, a) educate yourself with MSDS and product labels, and Google the ingredients you are not familiar with,  b) boycott because it works, refuse to purchase any of these products which have harmful ingredients in them, c) do your research and find products which are naturally derived and safe, d) spread the word, because doing so will save lives.   

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