Monday, September 12, 2011

Office-Chair Butt

Just recently, I had started my second-to-last semester for my MS-IHW.  I was really excited because I can see the finish line right around the corner: about six months away from accomplishing one of my life-long goals.  Unfortunately, reality hit me in the face as homework began to pile up and haunt me.  Only two weeks into the game when already I have put in almost forty hours of work into school.  Whats worse, all those hours have been spent plugging away in front of the computer.
On the flip side, nothing around the house is getting done.  Dishes are piled up in the sink, the floor is quite hairy, and a weeks worth of laundry is piled up next to the washer; outside is worse, the neighbors are starting to notice the jungle growth consuming the house.  My work has taken a toll as well, I have not talked to anyone about going green in the past two weeks, and my paychecks have suffered.
What is most horrifying, however, is my butt.  In the past two weeks, my butt has gotten bigger!  It is spreading out to fit into the chair I sit in for 50+ hours per week.  Now I do not believe in calories, or the fact that my eating has much to do with this phenomenon.  But what happened to me in the past two weeks has shocked me.  I have gained a whopping 13 lbs and a pant size.  Something has to give; other than a button I mean.
So today I really looked at what I have been eating.  Lots of fruits, some vegetables, a little tuna, a little chicken, bread, rice, and a few desserts every now and again.  I also have been drinking honey tea and soda a lot lately.  I have been eating my meals around 9am, 1pm, and snacking at 3pm and 630pm.  I also have been slacking on exercise which in not good at all.

After I took about 20 minutes to sit down and really think about a plan, I came up with this.  I am going to up the amount of vegetables I eat, and reduce the amount of fruits.  I also am going to switch from soda and honey tea to seltzer water and coffee.  I also bought a months supply of Attain bars (protein bars with crave blocker), and a months supply of Access powder (natural weight loss drink) to mix with my coffee.  Access is supposed to be used during exercise, however, I am curious to find out if it will work without exercise.  I will have to blog about that later.
My new routine is simple and works around my school and work schedule. 
Every morning, I wake up with a cup of coffee mixed with two scoops of Access powder. 
Then I do several chores around the house.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I hit the gym. 
I eat a quick Attain bar if I get munchy before lunch, then hit the computer to start work. 
For lunch, I am eliminating breads and including more vegetables, perhaps a chicken salad would suffice.         I eat a small dinner before 4 of vegetables with a little protein.
Then I take the dogs for their afternoon walk.
Dessert will be eaten after lunch instead of after supper, this way, the body is not forced to conserve the sugar while I am sleeping.

Since I have started this today, we will see what the results are by the end of this school semester.  I am hoping to keep the office-chair butt syndrome from appearing.  We will have to see what happens.          

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