Thursday, August 4, 2011

Once More Linked to Technology

I tried being internetless.  It really didn't work out for me.  I missed the conveniences it created, from online banking to blogging, and the interaction I had between friends on mediums such as Facebook and Skype.  I did not mind, however, the amount of time I had for other things, such as gardening, walking the dogs, and domestic chores. What happened, though, the time that was created by having no internet was used up through daily activities which had to be done the old fashioned way.  Instead of logging into my bank account to pay a bill, I had to wait until the paper version came in the mail, write a check for it, put the bill stub and check in the envelope, stamp it, and take it to the post office drop box.    
In the end, I did succumb to the demands of the fast-paced internet world.  No more traveling to the library or my parents' house to use the internet.  I can pay my bills without checks and order pizza without a telephone.  I can search for things I need to find, words I don't know, and useless trivia on a whim.  I can now talk to people without speaking and speak to people without talking.  Sure, going without internet was a bit more natural, but it certainly was not going completely green.    

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