Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Water vs. Water

Several weeks ago, I had mentioned to my son's Kung Fu Master that we were heading up to the mountains for a weekend camping trip.  Elated, he immediately requested that I bring back a bottle of spring water for him from one of the towns I was passing through.  I was a bit boggled but I obliged.  The following week, I brought to him the water I collected from a natural spring.  The Kung Fu master started drinking the water, but questioned me about the lack of "fizz" it apparently had.  I explained that the water had  been sitting in the bottle in my cooler for a couple of days so it must have went flat.  The Kung Fu Master looked disappointed but continued to drink the water.       
Afterwards, I began to wonder what makes some water so desirable and others not so desirable.  Why is bottled water classier than tap water?  Why do we prefer some waters over others? 
My favorite water happens to be Fiji's bottled water, although quite expensive I admit.  On a daily basis, however, I use filtered tap water, nothing to extravagant or pompous about it. I use a reusable container for the water whenever possible.  When I go up to the mountains, I love to use the natural well water.  My friend Katie loves her Denver municipal tap water because it is cheaper than bottled water.  Another friend of mine prefers Aquafina water over her tap water, but favors diet drinks as a hydration source.  My neighbor doesn't drink water at all, but buys juices or softdrinks from the store.  Then there is my cheap dad who insists that his free stockpile of expired bottled water from 2007 is the best water to drink, even though the water has a "funky," expired taste to it.   
To be honest, I still have no clue what makes our preference for water so different.  I can say this, however: it is not the source of the water, nor the flavor that matters most to people, but rather it is the illusion of personal gains from the apparent consumption based on factors such as economics and social constructs.   
So drink your water.  Water is good for you.  And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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