Thursday, July 28, 2011


As I was listening to the radio this morning, the DJ announced that he read a poll which stated that the computer has replaced the dog as man's best friend.  I chuckled to myself knowing that I would never replace my dogs with a computer.  However, here I find myself writing this blog.  I don't have to blog, or Facebook for that matter.  Not to mention, I do not have internet at home so I must utilize my parents' internet at their house. 
Let me back up.  Twenty years ago, I didn't spend but five hours per month on the computer, in fact, I avoided the computer as much as possible.  One of my earliest memories of the internet was sitting with a friend who was chatting with strangers she never met before, but I thought it was rather a silly concept so I never got started in the trend.  (I also remember pagers and clunky cell phones, but that is a different blog.)  Even when I was in the Navy in my early 20's, I didn't have much use for the internet.  I was busy doing real world things and defending our country.  Then, as shocking as this may seem, during the past few years, I too had slowly become addicted to the plethora of useless jibberjabber and sites on the web.  It got to a point where I spent more hours on Facebook than I did cleaning my house or playing with my dogs.  I spent countless hours every day on the internet, forgoing basic domestic responsibilities such as laundry and dishes.  "I don't have a clean pair of underwear but all my crops are harvested," I jokingly professed one afternoon.  May I also confess that I dated exclusively on the internet?   I had come to a point in my life where decided it was easier and safer to get rid of internet viruses than the real deal.  Not to mention guys look better on their profiles than they do in real life. 
But then, one afternoon, the bill for the internet showed up at the door and to my dismay, its price had gone up for the second time in less than six months.  That is when I went back to reminiscing to the good  'ol days where I did not spend four useless hours a day on the internet playing games or discussing pointless and irrelevant topics such as cat dandruff and eyebrow waxing.  So that is when I decided to cancel internet.  Yes, I did cancel my internet!
So, without further ado, here I sit in my parents' basement using their internet.  And to be quite honest, the lack of internet in my house is a bitter-sweet paradox because I have so much time to do things, yet I can't get anything done.  I can't describe this feeling of being helplessly free, almost like having a driver's license without car.  I can say this, however, the internet has made our lives so much easier to manage, but the price is that it literally consumes us in every aspect of our daily lives.  From communication to bank accounts, without the internet, we are left doing everything the old fashioned it was fifteen years ago.
I have considered getting internet back over the past few months, and after this blog, I think I might have to.

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