Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weight loss made easy III

Stress pocket....that is what I call the road block I hit. 
Let me explain:  Last week, I kicked out my tenants because they failed to pay rent for over 45 days.  When I finally got possession of my condo, only then had I realized how much they trashed the place.  Not only did they use the closet for trash, ruined the carpets, damaged the wood floors, broke the brand new fridge, but they also used the window sills as ash trays leaving burns hidden under mounds of ash.  They also tore out shelving and racks from the walls; ripped out the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and soap dispensers out of the walls leaving holes; and tore off the splash guard by the stove.  Out of spite, they took all the curtains, the lamp, the spice and wine rack, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and the brand new shower head.  But they left behind a mess that required gloves, a lot of disinfectant, and many hours of labor.  The cost for all of this, you ask?  Well, doing a rough guess, I am up to about $2,000 and still counting.

So I have had very little time to plan out my menu.  Instead, I found myself working on my condo until I couldn't anymore and then hitting up cheap fast-food on my way home.   Then I had an epiphany!  Fast-food loves tired, stressed-out people.  The fast food industry loves YOU, the person who works 9 hours, commutes 3 hours, and has 4 hours of domestic responsibilities to come home to.  YOU, the one who has to be at two places at once and an hour to do it in.  The fast food industry thrives off of busy moms, worn-out dads, and screaming, hungry children.  What better way to make money is to market to those who are looking for the quick and easy way to save time and energy on a budget?

How did I fare?
Well, I managed to find moderately healthy choices on the fast food menus.  Mainly grilled chicken and salads with Italian dressing.  I also decided to go with non-sweet ice tea instead of pop and opted out of fries.  As for my weight, I didn't loose but I didn't gain either. 
Starting tomorrow, I am back on track with
60% veggies, 30% lean meat, 8% lentils, 5% perspiration, and 4% motivation!           

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