Friday, April 29, 2011

Melaleuca Spring Cleaning

Air Freshener
Combine 3 oz of Sol-u-Mel with 16 oz of water in spritz bottle, spray area lightly. 

Combine 3 oz of Sol-u-Mel and 1 oz of Sol-u-Guard in 16 oz water in spritz bottle, spray upholstery lightly.

Use 1 tsp of Tough & Tender and 1 capfull of Sol-u-Mel in 16 oz of water, spray on unplugged appliances and let sit
for 2 minutes, then wipe off.

Baby Wipes (feminine wipes, wet towels, wet wipes)
Use 1 tsp Sol-u-Mel with 1 capfull of Nature's Cleanse with 1 capful of Renew Bath oil on Tough & Tender Wipes; or
use same mixture on a washcloth.  Soak papertowels in mixture, and place in easy-to-grab container for trips, picnics,
dog park, amusement parks, theme parks, play grounds, boating trips, or petting zoos.  Auto-mechanics, trash collectors,
fisherman, and Mike Rowe would benefit from these handy wipes as well.
Add 3 drops of T36-C5 for anti-bacterial cleaning hand wipes. 
Cut a star in the top of the container to easily remove papertowel (for auto-feed, do not seperate papertowels beforehand).
Add a spritz of Sun Shades to papertowels for easy sun-screen application. 

BallPoint Pen
Dab Sol--u-Mel on area (spot test for color-permanence), let sit for 3-5 minutes and dab ink away with wet towel.

Clean the ceilings 1 oz Tough & Tender in 16 oz water, wipe with cloth.
Use Sol-u-Guard Botanical Disinfectant to disinfect and clean surfaces such as sink, counter, toilet, tub, and floor.
Use PreSpot for laminated countertops and stains.
Mop floor with 2 tbsp MelaMagic and 1 capfull of Sol-u-Mel in 16 oz of water.
Use 1 capfull of Sol-u-Mel and 1 oz Sol-u-Guard Botanical in toilet, scrub with brush. Add 1 oz Tub & Tender for hard water stains.
*Update: Tough & Tender concentrate is safe to use on both granite and tile.
Use Clear Power, diluted 1/2 strength to clean mirrors and faucets.
Use Tub & Tile full strength for mold and mildew, let sit on surface for 5 minutes, and rinse.
Use No Work Tub Cleaner after the shower to keep soap scum from accumulating in shower stall and doors.
Use 3 oz Sol-u-Mel in 16 oz of water and 1 oz Sol-u-Guard in 16 oz water in spritzer to eliminate odors.
Mix 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel and 1 oz MelaMagic to 1/2 full bathtub of hot water, soak shower curtain in water for 15 min; or spray
mixture on curtains and wipe off with cloth. 
Use Tough & Tender in regular dilution to clean walls, carpet, drawers, linen cupboards, and medicine cabinet shelves.

BBQ Grills
Soak grill in 1 oz of water in 1/2 gal of water, scrub clean with brush or foil ball. Add 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel
for really dirty grills
Use Tough & Tender in regular dilution to clean outside of grill.

Bleach Substitute
1 tblsp of MelaBrite 6x Color-Safe Brightener replaces bleach in the washing machine, carpet cleaner, and apholstry to keep
materials looking bright.

Use 1 tbsp Tough & Tender in 16 oz water, spray on blinds and wipe with a cloth.  Use Tough & Tender Wipes for ease.
Use Rustic Touch instead, for wood blinds (don't spray glass).  
Really dirty blinds, add 1/2 capfull of Sol-u-Mel and let sit on blinds for 1 minute.

Use PreSpot and leave on for 2 minutes before rubbing stain out. Or, use PreSpot on stain and let sit in laundry before next wash.
Add 1 capfull Sol-u-Mel and 5 drops Tough & Tender with MelaPower Laundry Detergent in regular wash cycle.

Use 4 oz in 1 gal MelaMagic to clean aluminum hulls.
Use 4 capfulls of Sol-u-Mel to clean fiberglass hulls and interior.
Wood can be restored with Rustic Touch.    

Bread box
Clean your bread box with Tough & Tender to keep bread fresher longer.

Add 1-2 oz Tough & Tender to hot water and pour in dirty broiler, add 5 drops Lemon Brite and 1 oz MelaMagic for grease.
Let sit, scrub, and rinse.

Mix 1/4 cup Sol-u-Mel, 5 drops T36-C5, and 1 tsp of Tough & Tender to 14 oz water.  Spray on body to keep bugs away.
Add 2 oz of Breath Away to above mix and spray around outdoor areas before enjoying the outdoors.
Spray complete mixture around outside windows and doors to keep insects out of home.

Bumper Stickers (sticker residue)
use Sol-u-Mel concentrate to soak glue, then scrub off.  (May need a few applications depending on glue used).

Candle Wax
Press warm iron over damp newspaper over wax spot until wax is absorbed into newspaper.  Use several layers of newspaper to
protect iron.  Careful not to burn newspaper or melt carpet.
Clean area with regularly diluted Tough & tender.

Carpet Care
Use 1 capfull of Sol-u-Mel and 1 oz of Tough & Tender instead of commercial brand carpet cleaners.
Add 1 tbsp of MelaBrite to keep white carpets looking clean and bright.
Rinse carpet with hot water to remove residue since it can attract dirt and grime.
Spray carpet with diluted Sol-u-Mel before vacuuming to remove odors.
Use 1 tsp Tough & tender and 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel in 16 oz of water to remove carpet stains. Add 1 oz MelaMagic for greasy stains.

Mix 1 tsp Tough & Tender in 16 oz water and spray on ceiling, scrub off.  Use Sol-u-Mel for stains.

Ceilings Fans
Mix 5 drops Tough & tender in 16 oz of water, spritz on fan and wipe.  Use Tough & Tender Wipes for ease.
Use Rustic Touch on clean fans to preserve wood.

Chewing Gum
Remove residue with Sol-u-Mel concentrate.  (Check for color fastness on materials before using concentrate.)
Scrub gum out with old tooth brush.

Soak Fragile china in 1/4 capful of Diamond Bright in a sinkful of warm water overnight.  Wash and dry as usual.

Use Clear Power fully diluted in distilled water when wiping chrome with rag or paper towels until dry.

Clay Flower Pots
Use 1 tsp of Sol-u-Mel mixed with 16 oz water to spray on flowerpots and scrub clean.  Use wire brush or steel wool if necessary.

Cleaning Booster
Add 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel to a cleaning job to remove tough stains and nasty odors. 

Coffee Maker
Put 1/2 tsp of Clear Power into coffee maker with 8-10 cups of water, turn on and run through.  Run another pot with just water
before brewing a pot of coffee.  (You can use hot water to clean windows or glass).
Rinse coffee caraffe with a drop of Lemon Bright under hot water, scrub if necessary.

Concrete Patios
Mix 1 oz of MelaMagic in 1 gal of warm water, scrub surface and rinse with hose.

Use regularly diluted Tub & Tile  to any copper which has tarnished or patinated.

Use 1 tsp Tough & Tender in 16 oz water, spritzed on counters and wipe clean.  For tough messes, let sit for several minutes before wiping.
Use Tough & Tender for dark Formica counter-tops.
Use PreSpot to remove stains.
Disinfect with Sol-u-Guard regularly diluted.

Use concentrated Sol-u-Mel on crayon marks on the wall.
Use PreSpot to remove crayon from clothing.  Saturate affected area, let sit, then scrub crayon out.  Use full strength if need be.

Dust with Rustic Touch. 
(Do not use full strength Tub & Tile and Sol-u-Mel on wood).

Use 1 spritz PreSpot and 1 tsp Melapower on affected area, then wash in washing machine with MelaPower and MelaBrite.
Revive Wrinkle Relaxer prevents stains from setting into clothes.

Driveway & Garage
use 2 oz MelaMagic and 2 capfuls of Sol-u-Mel in 16 oz water and spray on stains.  Scrub and rinse off.

Dust Mites
Regularly diluted Sol-u-Mel kills dust mites in vents, fabric, linens, bedding, carpet, and dresser drawers.

Keep your electronics dust and static free by wiping them with Tough & Tender Wipes.

Classic Tooth Polish will polish enamel too. 

Fingernail Polish
Use Sol-u-Mel on affected area, let sit, and wipe with water.

Use 1/2 strength Clear Power on glass.
Use diluted MelaMagic on brick and metal, scrub with brush, and rinse.

First Aid (Auto and Home)
Re-use a container to hold T36-C5, Clear Defense Hand Gel, Renew Intensive Skin Therapy, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Melagel,
Sun Shades Sunscreen, CounterAct Extra Strength, and Antibacterial Liquid Soap.  You also need guaz, bandages, tweezers, scissors,
and plastic gloves to complete the kit.

Use 4 oz MelaMagic in 1 gal of water to mop linoleum and ceramic tile floors.  Add Sol-u-Guard to kill bacteria.
Use 1 oz Tough & Tender with 1 gal of water to dry mop hardwood floors.
Remove scuffmarks with full strength Sol-u-Mel, or on wood floors, use Antibacterial Soap.

use 1 tsp Tough & Tender and 1 capful of Renew Bath Oil in 16 oz water, spritz areas prone to flies two or three times per week.

Use Tough & Tender regularly diluted to clean walls of freezer, or use Tough & Tender Wipes for ease. 
Kill mold or mildew by using concentrated Sol-u-Mel on areas and rinse off with diluted Tough & Tender.

Fruit Juice
Use full strength PreSpot on stain, let sit, then wash as normal.

Soak fabric with diluted PreSpot, (check for color fastness), wipe with towel.
On wood, leather, or vinyl, use Rustic Touch to clean.

Garbage Cans
Use 1/2 cup of MelaMagic and 2 capfuls of Sol-u-Mel in 1 gal of hot water, scrub cans with soft brush and rinse. Spray with Sol-u-Guard and let dry.

Garbage Disposal
Pour 1 tsp of Sol-u-Mel into the running disposal (make sure you have a light stream of hot water draining into it as well)
To sharpen the blades, freeze 1/3 water, 1/3 Tough & Tender, 1/3 Sol-u-Mel icecubes in icecube tray. While trickling cold water into running disposal,
put 3 or 4 icecubes into disposal and wait until they are all gone before shutting disposal off.  

Use Clear Power as directed.
Use 1/4 tsp MelaSoft diluted in 16 oz water to keep lint from sticking to glass.

Use PreSpot, Sol-u-Mel, and Antibacterial Soap on affected area, let sit, rub out, wash as normal.

Grease Spills
Use full strength MelaMagic on affected area, let sit for 15-20 minutes, then wipe up.
On carpet, rub Antibacterial Soap into spots and blot out.

Greasy Hands
Wash hands with The Gold Bar or Antibacterial Soap. 
Put 1-2 drops of MelaMagic in Antibacterial Soap as shop handsoap used after working with grease or oil.
Use 1-2 capfuls of Sol-u-Mel in humidifiers will keep mildew and bacteria from forming.
Use 1 drop T36-C5 to add antiviral qualities to the mist.

Use regularly diluted Tough & Tender with 1 tsp Sol-u-Guard on all kitchen surfaces to clean and disinfect.
Use 2 oz of MelaMagic in 16 oz of water to clean oven, fridge, and microwave.  Add 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel for stuck on food or dirt.
Mop floors with 1 oz of MelaMagic with 1 gal water.
Use 1 tsp Tough & Tender and/or Lemon Bright in the sink, scrub food and debris and rinse.
Use Diamond Brite to clean scuff marks off enamel sinks.  Tooth Polish also does the trick.
Use full strength MelaMagic to clean grease from the hood.

Lawn Furniture
Use 1 tsp of Tough & Tender and 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel in 16 oz water, spray down furniture and wipe clean.

Lawn Mower
Use 1 tbsp of MelaMagic with 1/2 gal of water, spray mower with solution and let sit, rinse off and let dry.

Leather Softener
Use 1 tsp Rustic Touch and several oz of Moisturizing hand Cream into stiff leather.

Machine Parts
Use 1 oz of MelaMagic and 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel to 16 oz of water, spray on parts, let sit, rinse off.

Spray PreSpot on acrylic or oil based paint spots to be removed, let sit and then dab out. 
Soak paint brushes in Sol-u-Mel to remove paint residue.

Pet Stains
Use 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel to 5 oz of water on affected area, let sit for a minute, and scrub out.

Piano Keys
Use regularly diluted Tough & Tender on a cloth to carefully wipe the keys, dry with cloth.
Use Tough & Tender Wipes for ease. 
To remove tape residue, use 1 capful Sol-u-Mel diluted with 1-2 oz water and carefully scrub with soft brush.
(Full strength Sol-u-Mel may discolor black keys)

Plants (Indoor)
Use 1 tsp Tough & Tender to 16 oz of water, spritz onto leaves and soil to get rid of mold, mildew, and bugs.

Use Rustic Touch to clean plastic grill covers, toaster oven covers, sunglasses, and other plastics.

Pots and Pans
Use 1 tsp Tub & Tile in sink full of hot water to soak pots and pans.  Scrub clean with Lemon Bright.

Use 1 tsp, 1 capful Sol-u-Guard, plus 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel in 16 oz of water to wipe shelves and bins.
Use Sol-u-Mel concentrated to clean the mold and mildew from the seal.

Use full strength Tub & Tile on rust spots and stains (except from marble and granite).
If on clothes, treat with Tub & Tile, then wash like normal.
Use Rustic Touch to loosen rusted hinges and bolts.  (It also works for lubrication on rusted parts as well).

Saw Blades
Use MelaMagic full strength to clean resin buildup from saw, sharper bit, and router bits.

Use Rustic Touch to remove scuffs and shine leather shoes, boots, sandals, and crocs.

Use Sol-u-Guard to disinfect surface.

Use dab of Classic Tooth Polish to remove tarnish from silver, rinse thoroughly.
Soak tarnished silverware for 1 hour in warm water with 1/2 capful of Diamond Bright.

Use 1/2 diluted Revive instead of starch for ironing clothing.
Use concentrated Revive to leave clothes extra stiff.

Static Cling
Use 1 tsp of MelaSoft in 16 oz warm water to spritz clothes with cling.
Add a spritz of 1/2 diluted Revive for a quick static fix.

Use Sol-u-Mel concentrate on affected area, wipe with rag.
Use 1 tsp Sol-u-Mel and 1 tsp PreSpot on clothes to remove tar, gum and goo; let soak
and scrub with brush, wash like usual.

Ticks & Chiggers
Spray skin with diluted Sol-u-Mel to avoid getting ticks or chiggers. 
Try using a dab of Renew Bath Oil and a drop of T36-C5 over embedded tick and wait until they back out.

Soak toys in 1 tsp Tough & Tender, 1 capful Sol-u-Mel, and 1 tsp Sol-u-Guard in 1 gal of warm water.
For stuffed animals, place in pillowcase and wash in washing machine with 1 pump MelaPower and 1 capful Sol-u-Mel.
Fill squirt guns with 1 capful of Sol-u-Mel and regularly diluted Tough & Tender to get rid of mold build-up.
Use Rustic Touch to clean and protect wood.
Use moisturizing Hand Cream to remove water stains, let sit, and buff out.
Use regularly diluted Clear Power to clean glass surfaces.  Remove streaks with cheap paper towels or an old rag.
Use 1 tsp Tough & Tender and 1/4 cup of Clear Power in power washer for outside windows.

Use regularly diluted Revive to spritz clothes, shake and hang them up to dry wrinkle free.

Dab some Rustic Touch on metal or plastic zippers to make them slide easier.

*For an extensive list check out Pamphlets: Complete Uses I - IX
Use them, print them out, and even share them.  There's more to come so hold on tight.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Challenging the BMI...The Bogus Medical Indicator

The Body Mass Indicator, used by the military, nutritionists, dieticians, your primary doctor, and even your insurance company, is used to calculate how much visceral fat you carry on your body.  The more visceral fat you carry, the more likely your are of having health complications.  The calculation is a rather simple one,  weight (in kilograms) divided by height (in meters) squared.  Any number above 25 is considered overweight, and over 30 is obese. This formula was developed by a statistician, Adolphe Quetelet, in Belgium in the early 19th century.   His calculations were used to measure obesity in the Caucasian male population of Belgium using statistical data to determine the average body size.  Today, a century and a half later, his formula is used here in the United States as a tool to indicate the health of American individuals, which therefore impacts our medicine, employment, marketing, and mainly, consumer's pocketbook.

To calculate your BMI, go to

Thus, I challenge the BMI as an effective tool for measuring health!  From all of my research over the past seven years, using biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, I discovered that the BMI is completely irrelevant when measuring how much visceral fat an individual carries.
  • One, calculating the mass of an object is simply calculating how much a substance is acted upon by gravity, i.e. a bowling ball will have more mass than a tub of butter.  
  • Two, measuring the mass of two different substances against each other is not dependent upon volume, nor the amount of space which the objects take up, i.e. one-thousand pounds of feathers filling a football stadium vs one-thousand pounds of bricks filling a 6x8 pickup bed.  
  • Three, anyone with intelligence can figure out that different pedigrees of the same species have different proportions of substance, i.e. a St. Bernard has more hair and subcuntaneous fat (the fat underneath the skin) than a Great Dane of equal mass.  
  • Four, since the human body is prone to daily fluctuations in liquid retention, chyme (digested food) volume, and gut contents, measuring exact percentage of fat within the body is extremely hard to do no matter how complex the formula is.  
  • Five, using statistics against Quetelet's formula, the heights outside of the normal 19th-century, Belgium males' range are skewed as much as 5% on either side, which means that most NBA players are automatically put into the overweight to obese category, while people under 4'0" are generally put in the underweight category.    
Moreover, the BMI does not indicate the health of an individual!  BMI is moot when it comes to evaluating healthiness of a person because muscle, water and mineral content, bone mass, skin and organ tissues, and adipose tissue vary from person to person.  Any idiot would know that an extreme male body builder with 3% body fat would be much heavier than a petite female with 23% body fat of the same height.  Body fat percentage and BMI are completely two different things. To calculate body fat percentage, the mass of the individual is divided by the mass of adipose tissue. The only way to accurately calculate BFP, is through the Duel X-Ray Absorbancy machine, plethysmography, or Infra-Red Interactance.  BFP is otherwise calculated by using as a rough guesstimate via the Brozek formula (among others), which is based on statistical averages of the human body composition.

Why is the BMI used?  Because it is easy.  Your insurance company knows that people carrying more than 26% of body fat for men and 32%  of body fat for women, have an increased chance of health problems than people with less body fat.  Because people want to be PC and because society has gotten relatively dependent on quick fixes and shortcuts, the BMI is used to estimate your health.  Pulling the BMI formula out of an adjusters pocket is the quickest way of determining the amount you must pay to keep your insurance so that they do not lose money on your health issues (regardless if you have any or not).  The bigger your BMI number, the more your premium is, if your accepted at all.  Your doctor uses the BMI because he (or she) has, on average, 5 minutes to diagnose your complaints and prescribe a treatment.  He (or she) does not care about you five minutes after you walk out of their office.  A doctor does not evaluate your specific needs, how "healthy" you are, or how healthy you say your are; because at the end of the day, they have seen 30-40 people just like you, with complaints just like you had, and then they go home thinking about what is for dinner and spending time with their family.  To a normal medical doctor, who went to normal medical school and works in a normal primary health clinic, calculating your BMI is the easiest and quickest formula to determine whether you are unhealthy or not.  A doctor might take a look at you, but ultimately your BMI is going to determine the direction of the conversation, (regardless of the fact that you just ran a marathon or sat on the couch all weekend).  
Moreover, the military and other government agencies use the BMI in the same fashion to quickly calculate how much fat you have to lose in order to be healthy. Your promotions count on your BMI, along with your pay and perceived work ability, therefore impacting what privileges you get, if any. But, as I demonstrated before, BMI cannot determine body fat percentage, nor the health of the individual.  So, for those soldiers and government workers who are above the BMI because they have more muscle mass than average, they find themselves working harder and making more sacrifices than their genetically thin counterparts.

So, how do you really determine your health?  There are many ways to do that. You can demand for an accurate BFP, however most insurance companies do not pay for these.  You can request to see a fitness coach who knows how to use skin fold calipers to determine your BFP, and some gyms offer bio-electric fat analyzers.  But, no matter what your size, or how much fat you have on you, the most important thing is that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I have met some people, and I am sure you know somebody, who have some of the most unhealthiest habits, such as smoking and eating junk food, but still fall into the normal BMI category.  Thus, putting to rest my argument about the BMI as a good indicator for health.   

To make it easy for you, (here we go with the shortcuts again) I have devised a simple "yes or no" test to determine how healthy you are.  Answer these 20 questions with "Yes" or "No."  Then add up your "Yes's" and multiply that amount by 5.

1. Do you smoke?
2. Do you drink more than 4 alcoholic beverages per week, or more than 1 per day when you do drink?
3. Do you sit for more than 6 hours per day, (commuting, working, relaxing, etc.)
4. Do you eat mostly processed foods, foods with sugar or high fructose corn syrup, or foods with dyes?
5. Do you take medication for any persistent medical condition?
6.  Do you drink soda, diet soda, or artificial juice more than 4 times per month?
7.  Do you eat white processed breads, cereals, or products made from white flour?
8.  Do you fall asleep on the couch while watching TV during the day?
9.  Do you wear a pant size more than 14 for women or 34 for men?
10. Do you get winded going up 2 flights of stairs, (about 14 steps)?
11. Do you eat more grains than vegetables?
12. Do you eat dairy at 2 or more meals per day?
13. Do you feel stressed, overworked, or burnt out?
14. Do you have less than an associates degree?
15. Do you sleep less than 6 hours per night?
16. Do your ankles, feet, or hands swell?
17. Do you feel fatigued in the afternoon?
18. Do you take energy drinks to recharge?
19. Do you spend more than 30 hours per week watching TV or on the computer?
20. Do you have someone in your life who you love and reciprocates your love, (friend, family, pet, etc.).

If you scored between:
  • 0 and 15, you are very healthy.  Keep it up.
  • 20 and 35, you are moderately healthy but need to consider some adjustments.
  • 40 and 60, think about making improvements to your lifestyle to add years to your life.
  • 65 and 80, consider making drastic modifications to your lifestyle before it is too late.
  • 85 and 100, your chances of early death are very likely. Making improvements to your health now will decrease your chance of a painful, early death.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planting Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetables are fantastic when they come from your backyard!  Not only do you control how they grow, save gas money, and get in a work out doing it, but you also get to decide when the vegetables are harvested, maximizing absolute freshness every time.
 Start now for a wonderful variety of vegetables all season long.

1. Pick the best spot in your backyard that a) gets 8-10 hours of sun, b) can get 2"-4" inches of water every other day, c) has adequate drainage of soil.   

2. Raise the bed...if possible.  By using logs to raise the height of the garden bed, you can better control the soil content and drainage.  Mix your soil with compost, manure, mulch, grass clippings, and a bit of sand (for clay soils only).  You can also buy planting soil at your local garden center, but it can get pricey.    

3. Use natural weed prevention: lay down a thick amount of newspaper over entire bed before you plant, (you can also use wet paper shavings).  Cut a large enough hole in the newspaper to plant your seeds or seedlings.  Cover the newspaper with 1"-2" of mulch, straw, or bark, avoiding the holes for the seeds or seedlings.  To find free mulch, look for a mulch recycling center near you, or on recycling websites such as; locate one by going to

4. Use natural insect repellant: plant marigold, chrysanthemums, and calendula around your vegetable bed.  You can also use 42 oz of water with 1/2 dram of essential oil (found online at places like or, such as lemon, melissa, mint, peppermint, citronella, eucalyptus, or tea tree to spray the mulch surrounding the plants once a week.  I personally use 1 cap full of Melaleuca's Sol-U-Mel in a garden sprayer every 3-4 days to ward off bugs and fertilize the plants. 

5.  Plant a good mixture of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, asparagus, carrots, radishes, beans, peas, lettuce, and cabbage.  Look up specific growing instructions for each vegetable you grow, and make sure the plant variety's growing time gives you plenty of vegetables before the first frost.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weight loss made easy III

Stress pocket....that is what I call the road block I hit. 
Let me explain:  Last week, I kicked out my tenants because they failed to pay rent for over 45 days.  When I finally got possession of my condo, only then had I realized how much they trashed the place.  Not only did they use the closet for trash, ruined the carpets, damaged the wood floors, broke the brand new fridge, but they also used the window sills as ash trays leaving burns hidden under mounds of ash.  They also tore out shelving and racks from the walls; ripped out the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and soap dispensers out of the walls leaving holes; and tore off the splash guard by the stove.  Out of spite, they took all the curtains, the lamp, the spice and wine rack, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and the brand new shower head.  But they left behind a mess that required gloves, a lot of disinfectant, and many hours of labor.  The cost for all of this, you ask?  Well, doing a rough guess, I am up to about $2,000 and still counting.

So I have had very little time to plan out my menu.  Instead, I found myself working on my condo until I couldn't anymore and then hitting up cheap fast-food on my way home.   Then I had an epiphany!  Fast-food loves tired, stressed-out people.  The fast food industry loves YOU, the person who works 9 hours, commutes 3 hours, and has 4 hours of domestic responsibilities to come home to.  YOU, the one who has to be at two places at once and an hour to do it in.  The fast food industry thrives off of busy moms, worn-out dads, and screaming, hungry children.  What better way to make money is to market to those who are looking for the quick and easy way to save time and energy on a budget?

How did I fare?
Well, I managed to find moderately healthy choices on the fast food menus.  Mainly grilled chicken and salads with Italian dressing.  I also decided to go with non-sweet ice tea instead of pop and opted out of fries.  As for my weight, I didn't loose but I didn't gain either. 
Starting tomorrow, I am back on track with
60% veggies, 30% lean meat, 8% lentils, 5% perspiration, and 4% motivation!