Thursday, March 31, 2011

Common Carcinogens, Poisons, and Toxins in the Home and
How to Get Rid of Them

Clorox bleach is a common product. What people don't realize is that bleach is a neurotoxin, and it causes kidney, liver and lung damage. Bleach can cause eye, skin, mouth and throat burns.  It also may cause heart conditions, chronic respiratory problems such as asthma and chronic bronchitis, plus obstructive lung disease.  
Another common cleaner are window cleaners, such as Windex, which causes kidney and liver damage and attacks the central nervous system; it also is known to cause tumors. Additionally, disenfectant sprays, such as Lysol, is commonly used around kids, but are carcinogenic, immunosuppresant, and can cause headaches, blurred vision, cardiac arythmias, and even death. Also, multi-purpose cleaners, such as 409, can cause mild to moderate damage to the eyes, and is a possible carcinogen.
Even worse, detergents such as Cascade and Tide, are two other popular household products, but are considered very toxic to humans and pets. Cascade is bad for the environment because it gets in the rivers and lakes and disintegrates the fish. When it mixes with hot water in the dishwasher, it creates toxic fumes, which we then breathe in. As a result, it can cause lung disease, skin irritation, and severe eye burns. Laundry detergents also contain nonyl phenol ethoxylate, crushed fiberglass, dyes, and perfumes, which leaves a residue on clothing, which is then absorbed into the skin. The film that is left on clothing can result in allergies, as well as damage to the tissues, the central nervous system and also the lungs; but it also causes cancer.
As you can see, these are unhealthy products. However, there are products , such as Melaleuca's products, that are safe and healthy for you, your home, and the environment. Melaleuca's products are made from natural plants and herbs, are biodegradeable, are versatile, and work better than clorox bleach, tide detergent, and other common household cleaners. The ingredients used in their products have been tested scientifically and been shown to promote health and wellness. If you had a choice between a nasty, toxic product and a healthy natural one, wouldn't you choose the healthy one?

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