Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using poisons as cleaning products

Have you ever noticed the warning label on the products you use around your house?  I never thought about it, really, until it was brought to my attention that all the cleaning products we use in the home slowly kill us.  I asked, "If they are not safe to use, then why do they still sell them?"  Then I found out that it is okay to sell harmful and even lethal products as long as they have a warning label that reads such.
So if you ever get a chance, run to your kitchen and grab the first cleaning product you can find and read the warning label on the tiny, tiny, tiny print.  Yes, yes it will eventually kill you slowly over time.  
That is why I found an alternative, I have been using these 100% safe and natural products for over 3 years now...and I have never looked back.

If you are curious how I switched over to better, safer, and more affordable products, then please give me a call- 720-984-0311 

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